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 Casio CDP-130BK Privia 88 Note Digital Piano


Casio CDP-130BK Privia 88 Note Digital Piano


New & improved!  Hammer Action Lightweight Piano, Now back in Stock. 

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£299.00 inc VAT

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Casio CDP-130BK Privia 88 Note Digital Piano

New & improved!  Hammer Action Lightweight Piano, Now back in Stock. 

The ideal instrument for beginners and everyone who wants to give piano-playing a real chance. Thanks to an impressive piano sound in AHL quality, 88 weighted keys with scaled hammer-action and excellent digital effects, the CDP-130 is the ideal help to start you off in the fascinating world of keys. It has a high-quality speaker system that is particularly good with grand piano sounds. The CDP-130 digital piano is the perfect choice for price-conscious music students and beginners.

Casio CDP130 Main features:-
Weight (incl. packaging) 12.0 kg Dimensions (incl. packaging) 145.0 x 40.0 x 20.0 cm
Number of keys 88 Keyboard type hammer action Polyphony (max.) 48 Sequencer / recorder no Aftertouch no Lyrics/score display no Vocal harmony no Type of display none Includes pedals yes, 1 MIDI I/O in/out Weight 11 - 15 kg Built-in amplifier 2x 8 W Number accompaniment styles none Colour housing black Piano model keyboard with optional stand
Product specifications

    digital piano/keyboard
    colour: black
    keys: 88, Hammer Action, velocity-sensitive
    sensitivity levels: 3
    sound source: Dual-element AHL
    maximum polyphony: 48
    sounds: 10
    effects: Hall, Reverb (10x), Chorus (5x)
    songs: 5
    transpose function (-12/+12 semitones)
    Layer option
    pedal input (6.3mm jack) (sustain), pedal included
    MIDI USB connector (USB type B)
    speakers: 12/6 cm x2, 8 W x2
    headphone output (6.3mm jack)
    dimensions: 1,322 x 286 x 129 mm
    stand (Casio CS-44 P) available separately
    weight: 10.8 kg
    included: pedal (SP-3), sheet music stand, power adapter



5 demonstration songs

Damper (sustain) pedal included.

Hall Button

Hall Button

These pianos are equipped with an effect function that recreates the warm, rich acoustics of a concert hall. Your playing will have the visceral immediacy of a concert hall performance.

AHL* sound source

AHL Sound SourceDual-element Waveform

All built-in tones, including piano and acoustic instrument tones,
now sound better than ever before!

  • * Acoustic & Highly-compressed Large-waveform

Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard

  • Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard for authentic grand piano feel

A spring-less hammer system that is similar to the one used by grand pianos provides a keyboard touch that is naturally firm. Lower notes play relatively heavier than higher notes, just like the keys on a grand piano.

Select the configuration that’s best for you.

An optional piano stand CS-44P is available to configure the keyboard for lessons and serious piano play. Or you can remove the stand for a basic compact configuration that fits in just about anywhere.

10 high-quality tones

Digital effects: Hall (1 type), Reverb (10 types), chorus (5 types)

Full Force Sound Speakers

Full Force Sound Speakers

Casio CDP-130BK Privia 88 Note Digital Piano @ Electro Music.
Price: £299.00.

Call or email to check availability

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