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Gillett Guitars Slimline Contour Fretted Electro-Acoustic Bass Guitar

Boutique basses Handmade in England. Revolutionary design of electro-acoustic bass guitars. Includes hard case. Call us for best price.

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Gillett Guitars Slimline Contour Fretted Electro-Acoustic Bass Guitar

Boutique basses Handmade in England. Revolutionary design of electro-acoustic bass guitars. Includes hard case. Call us for best price. Features

Revolutionary design of electro-acoustic bass guitars

Patented body construction redefines convention

Unique contoured body profiling for a new level of player comfort

Controllable action and string height with adjustable bridge and nut

Precision engineered frame enabling patented through body stringing which aids sustain and enhances natural tone

Custom designed pre-amp control provides the simplicity of one mixer and individual volume controls for neck pick up and transducer, allowing a wide range of tonal variation

High-end third party components include Hipshot lightweight tuning keys, Bareknuckle neck pick up, bespoke Rotosound stringing, and Schatten transducers
Manufactured using a range of indigenous hardwoods from sustainable and reclaimed sources

The preamp uses precision op-amps with each input configuration selected to match the characteristics of the magnetic and piezo pickups. Detailed design ensures optimum balance between low noise and battery consumption.

A moderated level of amplification is used to maximise signal to noise ratio ensuring standard amplifier compatibilitywithout overloading. Filters and tone control terms optimise the response to the bass guitar frequencies.

Active tone controls at the mid setting provide a flat frequency response, counter clockwise rotation boosts bass and cuts treble, clockwise rotation has the opposite effect.

The frequency around which this rotation point occurs has been selected to match the instrument acoustics.

This simplicity of using one tonal control plus individual volume controls for each pick up allows an extensive range of tonal variation.

Please note that we have a Mk1 version of the bass available for demo which does not have the transducer. We can of course obtain ANY Gillett bass direct.

For more details please check out Michael Gilletts website at

Gillett Guitars Slimline Contour Fretted Electro-Acoustic Bass Guitar @ Electro Music.
Price: £1949.00.

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  • Author: Dannyfap
    ВНИМАНИЕ!!! Ядекс и отношение к клиентам смотреть всем!!!
    Посмотрел и был в ШОКЕ....
    Вот ссылка на Ютуб
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Cool Vibes

"I am the luckiest girl on earth because of this cool stack! And thank you so so much for the gifts from your shop you added to the parcel! That was a cute surprise! I really didn't expect that! So thanks a lot! I will definetely recommend your shop! Hope you will doing fine in the future!."
Isabelle Bassist

"Just to let you know that my Fireglo Rickenbacker bass arrived and its a superb instrument on every respect. Your communications were spot on thought the transaction, and the delivery date worked out exactly as requested. I am a very satisfied customer."
Martin Schell Bassist

"Just a few words of thanks for the PJB rig and the service I got from yourselves. I put it through it's paces on Tues and it knocked my socks off with the clarity and volume of sound. I'm well chuffed!."
Andy Bassist

"Dave and his team in the bass department have a superb manner in looking after their customers. There is never any pressure to make a purchase. I now use Electro Music for the majority of my purchases."
John Hunter Bassist

"I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with both the MarkBass Jeff Berlin Combo and the amazing price I bought it for, so thank you very much! I used it at a practice last night, and it cuts through amazingly. It must have sounded really good too, as even our guitarist remarked on the sound of the bass!"
Craig Harrison Bassist

"You have a fantastic aftersales network here in the UK! Top marks to all!! Electro especially have gone the extra mile in looking after me!!!!"
Andy Bassist

"From my first dealings with you I have to say your customer service is outstanding, no wonder you have prospered & expanded the business so over the years."
John Ilsley Bassist

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