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If the product you require isn't listed here feel free to call us as we may still have it available in-store or be able to order it for you factory-fresh!

Part Exchange

We also like part-exchange... If you have something you would like to trade-in please contact us and depending on what you have we may be able to strike a deal !!!

PLEASE NOTE if it states "call or email to check availability" in green under the item's price, it means it probably is NOT in stock.

Electric Guitars

All electrics including Solid-Bodies and Semi-Acoustics.

Acoustic Guitars

All Acoustic and Electro-Acoustic guitars including Spanish and Classical.

Guitar Amplification

Everything to do with guitar amplification in here.

Used Guitars & Equipment

Used Guitars, Amps, Fx and anything else... good deals a speciality!

Traditional Instruments

Ukuleles, Mandolins, Banjos and Other Traditional Acoustic String Instruments

Guitar Effects & Processors

Effects, Powerboards, EBow and Hotplates.

Guitar Accessories

Stands, Strings, Tuners, Pickups, Wireless, Cables, Straps, Metronomes

Complete Guitar Packages

All you need in one package.

Tangle Winterleaf TW9


In Stock

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Tanglewood Tiare TWT-10

Tanglewood Tiare TWT-10

Spalt maple top concert ukulele


In Stock

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Tanglewood Tiare TWT-2

Tanglewood Tiare TWT-2

Black walnut top concert ukulele


In Stock

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Tanglewood Tiare TWT-6

Tanglewood Tiare TWT-6

Flame mahogany top concert ukulele


In Stock

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Tanglewood Tiare TWT-9e

Tanglewood Tiare TWT-9e

Spruce top concert ukulele with pickup and EQ


In Stock

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Tanglewood TWBZ Baritone

Tanglewood TWBZ Baritone

Evolution Exotic


Call or email to check availability

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Guitar Dept.

Guitar Department
Guitar Team >
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Cool Vibes

"Hi Stuart, Collings is brilliant. Thanks so much for sorting. Excellent work. Are you on Facebook or Twitter? I'll post a blurb. Best wishes."
Brooks Williams

"Well I went in yesterday and I needed a amp for a gig last night and the staff were very friendly. They help me out loads and they was just genuine people not people try to push sales like in shops like Xxxxxxx."
Hayden Guitarist

"I live in Spain and for the first time I ordered a guitar from Electromusic, a Turner CLS-01E. I would like to say that the attention was very good, and it's been a very pleasant transaction. Also I'm very happy with the guitar. I asked Pete for advice, since I hadn't had the chance to try it before, I had only tried a different Turner model, which I loved, and I had only listened to the CLS-01E on a video on youtube, played by Clive Gregson. It sounded great in the video, but I wanted to have the opinion of a professional. Pete said he vouched for the quality, and I ordered it based partly on the video and to a large extent on Pete's advice. For all of it, I want to thank Pete, who was the one I was in touch with, and the shop."

"The nice thing about Electromusic is that since I first visited your original shop as a young drummer ( with a waistline ,hair ,shades and ego )  your business ethic has remained the same. Everyone is given star treatment by people who really know their stuff. Maybe the shop is now many times larger, but you have retained the vital elements of friendly professional service, problem solving and attention to detail and customer satisfaction .  Not to mention great products at competitive prices - Try getting all of this on line.."
John Drummer (and struggling Guitarist)

"I had been told by my local guitar shops that I may stand a chance of getting one of the last ones and have had one on order since February. After visiting your website yesterday morning I am now the proud owner of one within 24 hours. It really is a breath of fresh air to deal with a company who gets it right. Thanks again."
Andy Mandolin Player

"I've been up and down the country in guitar shops and this place is DEFINITELY the best, without a shadow of doubt."
Greg Guitar Player

"These days service like yours is virtually nonexistent and we’re very quick to complain, so I would just like to thank you both very much for all your help and advice in helping me come to my decision. You’re exactly what a great guitar store should be. I would just like to say what a pleasure it was."
Mike Guitar Player

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