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State of independence For Installation Europe

(Article created for Installation Europe featuring Electro Music installation.)

An independently owned multi purpose venue in Gainsborough, UK, has been carved from the shell of a former cinema and now doubles as both a thriving nightclub and live music venue – and has even returned to its cinematic roots

Stepping through the door of this former cinema in a fairly ordinary-looking high street in the Lincolnshire market town of Gainsborough, UK, is to enter a world transformed. Inside the still recognisable shell of the one-time picture house now resides a three-floor, 1200-capacity, multi purpose venue: part nightclub, part live music venue, part café/lounge and, indeed, part cinema once again.

The State Club’s reincarnation has been overseen in meticulous detail by owner Peter Swann, founder of the self-styled “UK’s premier jazz venue”, the nearby Sands Venue which has made a significant mark on the UK jazz circuit. Its popularity, and demand for a wide variety of live music, led to Swann’s concept for the State Club.

Equipped with a Dynacord PA system and monitoring, Allen & Heath consoles, a battery of visual effects and a high resolution Christie digital cinema projection system, the State Club has set its sights high and has invested accordingly. Audio and lighting installation were provided by pro audio and MI specialists Electro Music of Doncaster – veterans of the Sands venture – with audio system specification and configuration assistance from Dynacord distributors beyerdynamic UK.

The old cinema space has been re-purposed to stylish effect with the totally refurbished lobby still providing its original function but expanded by a bright and convivial café area opposite the booking kiosks. Inside the stalls, where the under-balcony back row cinema-goers once reclined, is a pair of long and well-stocked bars uplit with low voltage LED fixtures, either side of a large lounge area that’s covered by a delay PA system and LCD screens carrying the club’s promos, VJ-style visuals and live images from three HDV cameras covering the stage and the two DJ booths.

Forward of the under-balcony area is the spacious dancefloor, overlooked by a pair of DJ booths at first-floor level either side. The screen arch frames a large stage and a 20-metre-wide retractable screen that drops down for cinema screenings. As part of the refit, the entire space was enclosed in an inner wall that provides highly effective soundproofing in both directions.

Up a level is the original balcony, again completely refurbished and kitted out with more moody low voltage lighting and low tables and armchairs. Just above head height below the upper VIP level an extra tier has been laid out as a charming Japanese garden with plants lit by colour changing LEDs and, at its centre, the imposing form of the club’s large digital cinema projector.

Right at the top, assuming your credentials gain you admission past the security staff and their red rope, the inner sanctum of the VIP area awaits, equipped with its own private bar and dancefloor. In between the two is the control area where the Allen & Heath ML4000 FOH console presides, along with venue-wide stage and dancefloor lighting control in the shape of PC-based Show Magic software and a Black Mamba laser control package.

At every level, the aim was to allow as much versatility as possible in the use of the space, whether for regular club or live music nights, private parties and other functions, with audio quality a paramount consideration and with the quality of visuals and décor to match. As a further touch of operational smoothness, load-in for live bands’ equipment is achieved directly to the stage side from the venue’s loading dock – a welcome touch for visiting crews.

From the top

A series of conversations between the club’s technical staff and Electro Music’s installation team early in the design process led to a recommendation of Dynacord’s XA PA system, and a demonstration of a full rig to the club by beyerdynamic UK. Electro Music’s Jason Gardener comments:I had already used the XA system at a variety of outdoor events where it proved very straightforward to configure, sounded excellent and provided substantial headroom; a four-cabinet system sounded like a much larger rig, so we thought it would be very good to put into the State Club, given their requirement for a multi-purpose system suitable for dance, live music and the cinema mode. In the club it virtually never runs at more than 50 per cent of capacity; the amps rarely light up.”

The design team, which included State Club technical engineer Ashley Talbot and beyerdynamic UK’s Mark Bromfield, assessed how best to cover the complex interior shape of the space, opting to specify a ‘main stage’ stacked system utilising four FX12 mid-high tops from the XA range and four matching FX20 Planar waveguide bass horns, with the mid/high units stacked either side of the stage, while the eight under-stage bass horns were built into the stage base.

Ground stacking rather than flying the system provided focused sound in the dance area, while allowing independently controllable coverage of the balcony levels through delay speakers, isolation of the DJ booths from the PA, and the ability to redeploy the mid/high units if required.

Having provided a substantial stage based system, the team decided on a further measure to power the dancefloor with a second pair of FX12 mid-high tops mounted either side, facing inwards from the rear – driven, in common with the rest of the system, by Dynacord XA4000 Class-H system amplifiers. Wall mounted Dynacord D12-3 way full range cabinets cover the ground floor bar area, with a trio of CL1200 linear power amplifiers.

On stage, there’s ample provision for visiting live acts that range from solo artists to full bands, with monitoring comprising eight Dynacord M12 stage monitors, powered by CL1200 monitor amplifiers and processed via DBX 266A limiters and Alto 30 band graphic equalisers. An Allen & Heath 24-channel, 16-buss console provides monitor mixing and a plethora of stereo in-ear sends, while the microphone inventory embraces Shure SM58 Beta radio mics, Sennheiser, Rode and AKG drum kit mics and Proel DI Boxes.

More Dynacord monitors are fitted in the two lofty DJ booths in the shape of D15-3 three-way loudspeakers with CL1200 linear power amplifiers, while DJ facilities range form Technics 1210 turntables and Pioneer CDJ1000 Mk3 CD players to Allen & Heath Xone 62 DJ mixing consoles, a Pioneer DJM800 DJ console and Alto 30 band graphic equalisers, the lineup completed by Shure SM58 microphones.

Even higher up is the central front of house control area which nestles in the middle of the VIP level, with the private bar area to one side and the intimate VIP dancefloor to the other. All of these areas, and the mixing desk area itself, are covered by Dynacord D12-3 3-way full range cabinets, augmented by Dynacord Sub115 laminar vent 15” subwoofers, powered by CL1200 amplifiers.

The Allen & Heath ML 4000 48 channel mixing console provides visiting bands’ engineers with a full complement of 12 aux sends, eight subgroups, eight VCA groups and an audio matrix, while the outboard complement embraces Klark Teknik Square One front of house equalisation, TC Electronics C300 digital stereo compressors, DBX 160A compressors, TC Electronics M-One effects and a 92-way stereo patch bay, sufficient to cater for most likely needs.

Projection and lighting

The latest development marks nothing less than a dramatic return to the venue’s roots with the launch in March 2008 of a full daytime cinema service. The State Club has made full use of the flexibility of digital cinema technology, permitting short-run and special showings as well as regular hits with a projection and matching audio system that delivers high quality to every location in the house.

The club’s 20 metre retractable screen is front-projected by a Christie CP2000 high brightness 3-chip 2K DLP cinema projector, supplied by Arts Alliance Media as part of a package that includes regular server software updates.

Projection sources – besides the regular diet of hard drive based digital movie prints – can be as multifarious as the venue’s uses, encompassing laptops, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD players and regular DVDs, as well as a feed from the distributed network of 12 LCD screens. There’s also a small analogue television projector dedicated to Sky Sports coverage.

In specifying the audio system to match the cinematic adventures, Electro Music and beyerdynamic took full account of this additional demand and planned in an optional system configuration that permits the four-corner dancefloor system, plus under-stage subwoofer array, to be employed as a full blown 5.1 surround system. As beyerdynamic UK’s Mark Bromfield puts it,Combined with the high quality projector the effect is pretty awesome – a full scale PA system delivering surround sound is quite an experience.”

When it came to lighting, the equipment selection embodied a combination of flexibility and compactness, with a mixture of generic, moving and LED fixtures.

LED units feature heavily, both on the Trilite truss arch that overarches the stage, sporting an array of LED PAR 56 RGB cans, which are also deployed around the dancefloor area and elsewhere in the main room – chosen for the combination of long lamp life, reliability and high output/power consumption ratio. The low heat factor was also a big plus for the units in the DJ booths, in each of which a row of LED PAR cans beams down from above and behind the mix position.

Conventional luminaires included eight long throw par cans on stage along with four 4-colour floods, augmented by gobo projectors, Martin Atomic 3000 Strobes, a pair of UV cannons, laser bars – specially imported to meet the client’s specification and budget by Electro Music – and a Martin Magnum smoke machine. Around the dancefloor, besides a further complement of LED PAR 56 RGB Cans, gobo projectors and Atomic 3000s, are Martin SCX600 scanners and eight MAC 250 moving heads, plus further effects, under the command of Show Magic control software; a similar equipment inventory is on hand, albeit on a slightly smaller scale, for the VIP dancefloor.


With the installation complete the State Club is already enjoying a well booked spring, with variety the spice of life and such diverse acts as an Inspiral Carpets DJ set, a teenage disco that attracted 500 young punters and a set from Toyah Wilcox and a full band among the opening highlights.

It’s a seriously good showcase for the XA PA system,” says Bromfield, “because of the widely varying demands the club puts on the system night after night, and the need to accommodate such a wide variety of sources from DJs to live acts and the rest. With the kind of positive, can-do attitude they have it’s great to see the venue being so successful from the start.

Article reproduced by permission. Thanks to Mike Lethby and

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