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sakae drums inc

sakae drums inc

Sakae Trilogy SK-TR26-3 22" x 16,12",16"ft-3piece shell pack


Trilogy series - legendary 3ply maple shells



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Sakae Trilogy SK-TR26-3 22" x 16,12",16"ft-3piece shell pack

Trilogy series - legendary 3ply maple shells



Sakae Trilogy Drums
If you know Yamaha 9000, you will already know Sakae…
To put it simply, these Sakae Trilogy drums blew our minds.
With their vintage style Maple/Poplar/Maple 3-ply shells and 4-ply North American Maple reinforcement rings, Sakae Trilogy drum shells are the closest modern manufactured shell we’ve ever heard to match a vintage American drum shell.
Other than Sakae Trilogy, the only other drum shells in its class would be the Gretsch USA Custom shells which also sound like they were made 50+ years ago
Sakae drums are produced by Sakae Rhythm, a high quality Japanese drum manufacturer based in Osaka, Japan. With over 40 years of drum building experience, Sakae have moulded into a trusted brand and are growing everyday. There are many professional drummers playing Sakae drums including Ash Soan, Neal Wilkinson, Steve Jordan, Jack Pollitt and many more.
Sakae Drums History
Everyone is familiar with the Yamaha drum name, but what people don’t know is, that for many years, the Sakae family were the drum craftsmen turning out Yamaha 9000 series drums for the Yamaha Empire.
As a family of highly skilled drum manufacturers, Sakae have been making drums since 1925, including a groundbreaking period in the history of drum manufacturing from the 1960s until 2008, when they manufactured high-end drums for Yamaha. If you have ever owned a Japanese Yamaha 9000 drum, it will have been through the hands of Sakae craftsmen.
Having parted company with Yamaha, 2009 saw the official launch of Sakae drums onto the drum market.
To quote Eizo Nakata, President of Sakae Drums:
“In these difficult and uncertain economic times I realize the decision to independently build the Sakae brand is one most would see as risky. However; Sakae is not just another drum company. My family and I are committed to the traditions of making instruments of the utmost quality and excellence. Corporatism and the desire to become the biggest drum company in the world are NOT our priorities. What IS our priority is making musical instruments that my father, grandfather and the legendary artists I have grown up with, would all be proud of. Bringing honour to their names, hard work and music is the driving force behind each and every morning I wake.”
With a traditional work ethic built on the foundation of nearly a century of drum manufacturing, Sakae Trilogy drum sets deliver a quality of drum sound that out-vintages the modern vintage competition. Other corporate drum names may think they’ve got the vintage thing covered, but we’ll stick our necks out and state that Sakae have got something a little bit extra special about the way they create their Sakae Trilogy drums.
We predict that Sakae drums will rise to the top branches of the drum manufacturing tree, taking their deserved place alongside the better known names who may we dare say, have perhaps lost their way in a changed music industry.
As Eizo says:
“The world doesn’t need another drum company, but the world DOES need to hold onto the Sakae sound that has been so instrumental in the music we have heard for the past 40 plus years.”
If you want to be part of an independent revolution in traditional drum manufacturing that will change the way you perceive achieving a vintage drum sound for the modern world, then you really need a Sakae Trilogy drum set.
The Sakae Trilogy sound sells itself, every time.
The Sakae Trilogy series has been built to give you the all important distinctive Sakae sound combined with the timeless vintage qualities which are still loved after all these years. This has been achieved by the 3-ply drum shells completed with 4-ply North American Maple reinforcement rings.
The Maple/Poplar/Maple 3-ply construction is responsible for the beautiful vintage sound whilst the reinforcement hoops situated on both top and bottom of the shells help to dry the sustain for an all-round better performance.
The Trilogy drum shells feature Sakae’s new lightweight hardware which allows the thin shell to resonate as much as possible.
Handmade custom handcrafted drum kits available in a number of beautiful finishes!
Sakae Trilogy Drums - At A Glance
  • Maple/Poplar/Maple 3-ply shells
  • 4-ply North American Maple reinforcement rings
  • Made in Japan by renowned drum craftsmen family
  • Very resonant, vintage sounding shells
  • Perfectly round with precisely cut bearing edges
  • Unique Rack tom holder bottom-mounting system
  • Floor tom suspension mounting system
  • Classic lug design
  • Stunning vintage wraps
   Drum Configuration for sale here:
  • 22” x 16” Bass Drum
  • 12” x 8” Tom
  • 16” x 16” Floor Tom
  • tom holders
  • please see image library but note that this is a 3piece as there are images of 4 piece kits , just for colour guidance and illustration
PLEASE FEEL FREE to call us on 01302 369999 or email if you have any questions or would like to discuss custom options or adding snare/toms etc

Sakae Trilogy SK-TR26-3 22" x 16,12",16"ft-3piece shell pack @ Electro Music.
Price: £1599.00.

Call or email to check availability

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