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Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson

18th June 2012

Following this devastating loss, we have opened this dedicated page for your thoughts, feelings and memories. If you would like to add a message, please email and we will post it on this page.

Words simply can’t express how we are all feeling.

We are absolutely devastated by the sad loss of our close friend Scott Johnson who was tragically killed at the Radiohead gig in Toronto.

Scott was loved by everyone he met and was one of the warmest, kindest, most considerate people we have had the pleasure of knowing. He would help anybody and we feel genuinely privileged to have been his friends.

Scott asked to come to Electro Music on a work experience fortnight at the tender age of 13 and just shone as a person. We immediately asked him to help out in the Drum department as a Saturday lad, this led onto him starting work here full-time as soon as he had completed his GCSE exams.

He worked alongside Paul for nearly 10 years until he said he wanted to take all his holidays to go “on the road” touring with his friend's band Longview. The tour evolved with more dates added but Scott was held in such high regard by all here that his job was kept open for him for months until he finally convinced us we were wasting our time!

We all wished him well and although saddened at losing such a quality person within our workforce we were also so proud of him. We were always keen to hear of his travels and experiences. His kind, caring, thoughtful nature stood him in good stead as he helped everybody if he could and this led onto him getting the job with Keane when they recalled how helpful he had been with them at festivals when they were lower down the bill in their early days. They tracked him down and offered him a position with the band which he held for years.

There are few people who come into our lives and have the positive impact that he did. I always considered him to be more like a younger brother to me and I will cherish the memories of working hard together yet having a laugh every day in the shop.

Our thoughts are with Scott's parents and we would like to thank them for bringing such a wonderful person into the world and enriching the lives of so many.

Paul Munday on behalf of all at Electro Music.


Dear Friends of Scott

It has been heart-warming to receive the kind wishes from you all and we are sorry that not everyone could be with us on the day. What a beautiful day it was with the aim for friends to say goodbye.

We have had many requests for donations in place of flowers and have set up an account that will be the Scott Johnson Bursary for young musicians.

This will be managed by his friends locally as a fund primarily in Rotherham Schools. It was not our intention to create this nor wish his friends to spend money that none of us can afford in these difficult times. We hoped that it would be modest but already some companies and teachers want to offer products and services that will benefit these musicians.

Maybe someone needs to fix the speakers in the Church too!!

All of the collection at church was donated to us and we have opened an account that we will publish for all to see and stands today with £874.64. Frankly we cannot equate to the financial aspects but if it helps anyone to contribute in this way the account is established to ensure that no other fund is created in error. It will be the only fund at this time. Paul, Matt, Jim and Dave will manage and coordinate but will have input and support from a few of the closest who will be named when I have spoken to them. Time may also effect the ability to be of greater benefit to others. So it will take approximately 7/10 days to open the fund correctly but in the meantime small donations if you feel a need to

NAT WEST Account no 89869834

Branch 541003

Iban GB98NWBK54100389869834


In my name Ken Johnson

until the other account is open I am sure that some of you will feel a greater emotional need and are welcome to talk to us my mail is

We want everyone to lead their lives as he did with a smile.

Thank you all

Ken and Sue


Your Testimonials

If you have anything to contribute send it to and we'll include it here.... thanks...

Scott used to come down to sunny Bournemouth when he was 13/14 years old with his parents, obviously hanging around the Drum shop I was managing at the time was a lot more interesting than Bournemouth beach !!!!!! Scott always made us laugh as he had this real broad accent that didn't seem to fit with this "young rocker" with long hair.Always inquisitive and enthusiastic it was no great surprise to hear that he went to work with you guys at Electro.I stayed in touch over the years through trade shows etc etc , and know that he always regarded Paul as a "Big Brother

I can't imagine what you guys are going through, needless to say thoughts with all and his family

If it is any scant consolation, Scott touched many in our industry and went on to live his Dream... Scott Johnson R.I.P
Austin Lane Drum Manager

Hi Austin, Scotts Dad actually relayed a story about buying what sounded like a used Z custom mega bell ride off you , and spending all the next day on the beach with a tin of T cut polishing up the ride - removing all the lacquer in the process !!!!

Scotts parents, Ken and Sue would like to take the opportunity to THANK everybody for their kind words, cards and messages and wanted people to know that they even received a letter and a phone call from Sir Elton John.

I worked with Scott at electro and gotta say he was amazing in fact I actually said to him one day "god Scott you are such a nice guy always happy you are amazing; and he replied;yer i Know " with a massive smile on his face although it was a long time ago he still had time for me every time i bumped into him because that was Scott no pretence, no big head at what he achieved ,in fact the opposite ,very humble ,even at his first job after electro, when we saw him at the leopard with long view , me Carl Morley and Phil Westgarth we all shouted for Scott and he was sooooooo embarrassed but because of who he was the band loved it and all the time ,and i think i can speak for everyone i know that Scott knew , we were all so proud of the Brother and still are , for what he has achieved

I for one will miss him and send my support to his mum and dad, cause I know how I feel so i cant imagine how they feel xxx
Aithon Cooper - friend and Electro Music colleague

rest in peace mate sadly missed
Jeff Thompson, drummer and friend

One of the nicest guys I have ever known! You will be sadly missed thoughts go out to his family.....
Ian West........ Scotts drum tutor

I am blown away with sadness after discovering the news of drumtech Scott Johnson's death after a stage collapsed @ Radiohead's concert in Toronto. (A kind and humble soul who has been taken away from us so young doing the job he absolutely loved - his other bands were Keane, White Lies and many more.(I first met Scott when he worked with Electro Music (Doncaster), later when he worked with Keane and I last spoke to him in December 2011.(My thoughts are with his family - I'm totally stunned and shocked(R.I.P. Scott - you'll be fondly remembered and missed mate
Jerome Marcus

It all started when me and my Dad used to come and see you in Electro...he'll be happy to see you up there, buddy.((I'm proud to have been your friend. What a truly amazing guy. We'll miss you Scotty. X ......

Jay Sikora..... drummer and friend

So saddened to hear the news(You were one of the sweetest & genuine guys i ever met(always wearing a smile as you robbed me blind when i bought my drum stuff. ;)((You'll be well and truly missed mate(keep shining, like you always did (x............
Danny Hardacre .....drummer and friend

We are all deeply shocked and saddened by the tragic loss of a great guy, we were very lucky to have you in the drum world and you will be hugely missed but never forgotten! All our wishes are with your family friends and everyone at Electro Music.........
Scot and Pete Sound Atack

To many tears today for you Scotty, you was a true gentle person so kind so funny you gave me so many laughs on the phone from all over the world(our world is a colder place without you bud,safe journey and say hi to Mick from us all miss you both so much, all our love from me and Helen x x..........
Carl Horner friend and drummer

Can't believe the news about Scott An absolutely charming, considerate first class guy with loads of talent. Bagged the dream techie job with Radiohead - well deserved - after providing years of top class customer service at Electro Music. It is a pleasure to have worked with him and known him. He will be sorely missed. RIP
Joe Herzberg drummer and friend

Even when you were jetting around the world doing world tours with massive bands, you always still had the time & energy to pop into the shop on weeks off to see your old buddies & say hello ( that i'll never forget!! ). You never ever changed mate... you we're always up for a laugh & you always looked for the good side in people. What a diamond of a bloke !! My thoughts are with your family. RIP Scott Johnson.x.......
Erroll Rollins drummer , friend and electro music teacher

Devastating, x I'll always av a bit of your blood sweat n tears put lovingly into the beautiful snare drum you made for Mick x you two buggers are gunna get in to so much trouble up there together x sleep well Scott xxxxxx............
Keeley Yates friend

Truly blessed to class you as a friend, you were a legend! Rest in peace fella, gonna miss ya xx.......
Jonathan Goulden drummer and friend

Bye Scott it was a genuine pleasure to have known you ;-) will miss your visits to the factory :-( thanks for all you did for were an absolute gentleman X
Dean Bowdery Protection Racket

A sad end to a really great guy r.i.p mate
Jason Whittle... Drummer friend

Scott you were one of the warmest,kindest, most considerate people I have met. You would help anybody and I feel genuinely privileged to be your friend. I always considered you to be more like a younger brother and I will cherish the memories of working hard together but having a laugh every day in the shop. I Love you Scotty and will miss you so much .......
Paul Munday

You leave such a huge gap in our family Scott after 20 years. We were so proud of you and were always keen to hear of your travels and experiences. There are few people who come into our lives and have the positive impact that you did as evidenced by all these messages today. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of our lives. We love you and will miss you every day. xxx.....
Kerry Munday

Love you Uncle Scott. Thank you for having such a positive impact on my life and making me and my family so happy. I have incredible memories of growing up spending time with you and your ponytail that I will treasure. Love always xxx
Laura Munday

So shocked and saddened! A great loss to us all. RIP buddy. X
Chris Johnson Scheerers Leeds

My dear friend, this is a tragic loss to so many people, you have left us all with very fond memories of times we all shared with you. Tonight I'll drink to you, you're a king amongst men and I'm going to miss you bro!
Bob Wynne.... drummer teacher and Highwood drums

Is really saddened to hear of the loss of Scott Johnson at the radiohead stage collapse. A nicer guy you couldn't hope to meet. Paul Boden friend and old fellow band member One of the nicest guys in the industry - a great loss to everyone who knew him. We'll miss you Scott.
Craig Fenney Music Shipping Company

I am still not wanting to believe this! So sad to think we've lost you, but charmed for the time we had with you! Obvious from the tributes you are loved by so many! I'm thankful for the Electro Music days, when a visit with you and Paul Munday was a Cool Overload, and seeing you at gigs and events was always a spirit lifter! Bless you Scotty! X
Bobby Arechiga drummer

Deeply saddened by the terrible news. R.I.P. Scott you were a true gent.
Russ Graham friend

Just heard the sad news about my friend. I am in absolute shock. I know this is a cliche but you really could not meet a nicer guy and he will be missed by many many people. I still remember him as the fresh faced lad at Electro Music and that is easy as he never seemed to look any older as the years went by!! I meet up with Scott for lunch last year just as the Radiohead gig was taking shape and he was really looking forward to it. So sad. My thoughts are with Scott's family and friends. Rest in peace buddy xx
Paul Warsop Korg UK Mapex and Paiste

My first memory of Scott was in 1997 he was a very young guy with a dodgy 'tashe advising me of the merits of a Pearl piccollo snare drum.Over the years we developed a good friendship,and I looked forward to seeing him and listening to the stories of his travels,most often over several pints! We are both going to miss the kind hearted guy he was. Tou were proper mate RIP.
Brett Biggs and Donna Bing ...drummer and friends

I first met Scott at Electro Music many years ago, he was a great lad and if ever I rang the shop I always asked for Scott, he always had time for everyone. Scott will never leave any of us, he will always be in our hearts and minds, just like his friend and fellow drummer Mick Yates, they were both great people and greater mates to me, we always had loads of giggles over the phone and when I went into the shop. RIP both of you and if you need anything we are all here, drums, stands and sticks at the ready. Why is it always the good lads that go RIP love you both xxx
Lee McKie ...drummer and friend

Like many drummers, I knew Scott from his earliest days at the shop and was happy to see him progress in an industry he loved. A strong sense of loss and grief is now being felt by so many and the sheer volume of tributes received confirms the great love and respect held in peoples hearts for that amiable young guy from Electro Music
John Clarke ...drummer

On meeting Scott for the first time at Electro, Paul introduced him to me and the first thing that I noticed was his manner, completely open and welcoming and as we began to talk he came across as such a really good lad.You could just tell he was a great guy. As we got to know each other better he just got greater and worked so har in the shop, obviously enjoying every minute and then flew onto other things. I spoke to him recently and he was having such a great time living his life. And then he was so cruelly stolen from us. Its not fair, our thoughts are with his family and friends. The world will miss you Scott Johnson RIP x
David Wilkinson...Premier

My heart is heavy with sadness of the loss of Scott. I knew Scott many years in the days he worked with Paul and Barney in the drum dept. Scott always had time for the people he came into contact with, one of the nicest guys I have ever met. A great loss. I expect Scott and Mick will be playing drum solos together in heaven by now
Rhys Philips...drummer and friend

This should never have happened. Scott was one of the most decent and unassuming people I had the pleasure of knowing a true gent and just one hell of a nice bloke. He was so pleased when I gave him a guided tour of the Hardcase factory. He was and always will be a great friend. Sleep peacefully mate, you will be sadly missed
Dave Eyre- Hardcase International...and friend

My son and I first met Scott at Electro Music when my son was having drum lessons there.He was so helpful and such a smashing lad always with a smile on his face. We went to see him many times in one of his first bands, 'nine foot haddock",what a great name!It was then we realised what a great talent Scott had and was not surprised when he went onto bigger things. You couldnt wish to meet a nicer bloke.Our thoughts are with his parents and his many friends.RIP mate
Baz and Michael Lumb...drummer and friend

I have known Scott since he was a teenager working at Electro Music. It was always a pleasure driving the 80 odd mile round trip to the shop(sometimes just to buy the odd pair of sticks !!)Scott and Paul became my mates and Id look forward to a laugh and a story with the pair of them.I was chuffed to bits for him when Paul told me he had gone to work with Keane.I saw him less after that but when I did catch up with him, he was still the same down to earth up for a laugh Scott ! He came to watch my band a couple of times,and I was always touched that he took the time out to come and see us.He was an absolute diamond and will be sorely missed by us all. RIP Scott and keep tinkering on those drums buddy xx
Andy Fox...Limehouse Lizzy drummer and friend

I couldnt believe the news on first hearing it !Scott was only in his early 20's when he became our regular drummer in the Buskateers and he played with us for approx 2 years and was a great laugh,excellent player and a great lad.We all feel a great loss but of course non more so than his parents Sue and Ken and our thoughts go out to them
Colin Powell...friend

Really saddened by the loss of Scott,always a smile and a mountain of knowledge on anything drums a truly talented guy RIP mate
Duane Beaumont...drummer, drum tutor and friend

We are both very sad to hear of Scott's sudden death,a tragic loss to all who knew him. We first met him when we used to travel up to electro to the drum dept about 10 or more years ago, and found him to be a lovely guy. Our thoughts are with his family, and all who worked with him at electro, god bless you Scott, you will not be forgotten
Brian / Nick Randle, Mansfield....drummers and friends

As a long standing customer of Electro, i always found Scott to be friendly and helpful. God bless to all his family and friends
Mick Knowles....drummer and friend

My deepest condolences to Scott's family and close friends. What a sad loss. My thoughts are especially with my dear friends the Munday family. Paul Munday, took Scott under his wing, as a young man, at Electro Music, and over the years that followed,they built up a lasting bond and friendship, like Kerry said, he was one of their family. My time spent in their company in the drum department at Electro, was always the highlight of my working week. Scotts sense of humour, dedication and knowledge, helped me personaly to learn a lot about the world of drums. Paul, Scott and Barney was the 'A' team, Doing Drum clinics with Scott around was always a pleasure, a kind and happy guy. Myself and all my friends in the Drum business will have him always in our thoughts.
Adrian Elderkin formerly of The Arbiter group and The Mapex Drum Company

An awful reminder that life is far too short! My thoughts are with all those at Electromusic Doncaster for the loss of Scott Johnson, and with his family & friends.
Becca Hauser...friend

Doncaster has lost another great drummer.. thoughts go out to all of his family and the gang at Electromusic Doncaster, he will be sorely missed. RIP Scott Johnson
Alex Byard Cooke....drummer

So sorry to hear this very sad news! Thoughts are with u all and Scotts family and friends. e x
Lilian van Wylick...Pearl Europe Drums

RIP Scott Johnson can't believe the news, a great guy through and through, very fond memories of going over to Electromusic Doncaster and seeing scott and Paul Munday, still can't believe it, not only was he a kind and genuine person, he was a hell of a drummer aswell, will be sadly missed by all who ever crossed his path, RIP mate
Dean Hendy...drummer and GattonDrums

With the day drawing close to Scott's funeral I wanted to share my thoughts with everyone who knew and loved him.I first met when I was around 17, Scott was a year younger than me and I was a tad jealous of him, for he was working in a drum shop, but as he said, all I do is set drums up, however we all know he brought more to the table. As time went on we became firm friends, although like most people I think we were all glad to see THE tash go, but facial furniture aside, we'd talk at length about gear, girls, cars and booze. Over the years, we'd talk a lot, with me working in Manchester fairly frequently, we'd try and hook up, I'd always see if Scott was in and if not beg to borrow his parking space, for parking in Manchester on a Saturday is murder! There were times where I've left some drum bits behind, so I can recall a few frantic phone calls over the A628 seeing if I could borrow some cymbals, thankfully he or Sarah would be in and the show went on, although I did get a parking ticket once, I was there for 6 minutes, grrrrr! But that was Scott, a like-minded chap after the holy-grail of snares, a guy that was always willing to help in any way he could and always up for a laugh. The last time I saw Scott was a couple of months ago, we'd recently split up with our respective ladies and in the lead up, we talked a lot about grown up stuff, with a subtle hint of gear too. We arranged for him to come to mine, we went out for drinks, food, some more drinks, put the world to rights and I will cherish that evening, not for the events that lead to it, but because it was great to hang with my dear friend, like we used to years ago.With his funeral looming now, it takes me back to another fallen comrade, dear old Mick, Scott and I went through to his funeral together, I remember that being a tense day, I never thought that I'd be going to Scott's so soon after. Like many people the prospect of saying a last goodbye to Scott, is not something I am looking forward to.
Bob Wynne...drummer, tutor at Rhythm INC and friend

Dear Scott,you had an awful lot to give and you gave it,every day but you had so much more as yet untapped.Thanks for being a friend,ta for being fab,thanks for making me laugh recently when you tried to sell me your VW Camper,but most of all old son thanks for being you.
Cheers,Viv Ellis(Friend&drummer)

Was privileged to be at Scott s memorial service yesterday. I can remember many years ago when I was in "Powerplay" going in one day to buy a crash cymbal, as I often did, due to my cripplingly expensive hobby of breaking cymbals. Scott tried to sell me a 19 inch extra heavy Z rock crash, which was an absolute beast. I tried it out but I said, "Can t take that Scott, its way too heavy." and he smiled and and said, "Yep, its a gentlemans cymbal is that!" Top man!
Gordon Rodger...........Drummer and friend

Where to start? So many good things to remember about Scotty. I first met Scott as did many others when all those years ago he began his stint at Electro's drum department. He fitted in straight away and the immediate brotherly relationship with Paul was obvious to all. Apart from the contrasting height difference they were like a pair of book ends. I had gone in to purchase a new set of cymbals and had specific types and sizes fixed in mind. Paul was busy with other customers at the time so Scott stopped assembling the display kit he was working on and came over gave me that amiable trademark smile (you know the one) and offered his assistance. Ride and crashes duly sorted ,Scott politely questioned my choice of size and model when it came to the Hi Hat saying they would possibly not be the right application to complement the other cymbals or the type of music I was playing at that time. I can remember initially thinking "Ey up,who does this young un think he is. Telling me me what I should be buying",but after considering his advice I cautiously went for the hats he had suggested and got that smile again. He was right on the money with them and I respected his ideas and input ever since after that.The hats have been my favourites up to this day. Unfortunately I got to see Scott less and less as his career progressed outside of the shop in to the wide world of big touring bands, something that he was just born to do and I'm sure he was at the top of his game before he was prematurely taken from us.The attendance at his funeral service of family ,friends,drummers,musicians and colleagues from all levels of the music industry was a fitting testament to the love and respect that was felt for him by all of us.A special person that will always be remembered. Rest in peace mate
Steve Adderley......Friend and fellow drummer

I met Scott for the first time in 2007 when I was moving in to Porchfield Square in Manchester. As I hastily tried to unpack the car so as to get my drum equipment into the garage, before any neighbours noticed (and began to take an instant dislike to me!), I bumped into Scott who said 'that looks like a drum pedal to me' with a big grin on his face. Little did I know i'd just met the best neighbour anyone could have wished for. I very quickly looked at Scott as more than a neighbour, he was a friend. Someone I could not see for months at a time, whilst he was touring, and then chat to for hours on end as we bumped into each other downstairs - usually whilst I was washing my car and he was tinkering with his Camper. He always had time to talk and with my wife and Sarah we'd enjoy a beer and a meal out on the rare occasion we could all fit in with his hectic schedule! I sold up and said a sad farewell to city living in June 2011 and I reluctantly had to hand back Scotts Roland V-Drum kit that had been established in my garage for at least the previous 12 months. He kindly lent it to me partly to free up some space in his own garage for yet more equipment but more so because he knew how much I wanted to play and that my acoustic kit didn't really work when living in close quarters. That was Scott, generous with everything he had to offer. As I sat through his deeply moving funeral last week, I wept from the moment the Order of Service was handed out and it all suddenly became real. His passing has left me with a hole that feels like i've lost a best friend and it has puzzled me why that is. We weren't best friends, I wasn't privileged to know him long enough for such a title and so I reflected on it all weekend and have concluded the reason I feel like there is such a gap missing now is because Scott was a bit of an idol to me. I can't think of anyone else I have ever met who instantly impresses me with the life they lead and the manner in which they do it. Sure you meet people who do cooler jobs than you but often they know it's cool and are bloody smug about it! Not Scott, for him it was just doing what he was interested in and was good at. Fixing them, making them, tuning them or setting them up for international acts - it was all about the drums for Scott. I was hugely in awe of what he did and how he did it. My wife said last night, 'I think about Scott every day'. I agreed. In fact, i've thought of little else since I heard the tragic news. He will be missed by so many people I can't begin to rationalise it in my own head and my thoughts and condolences go out to his mum, dad, Sarah and everyone else's who's life he has touched. I hope he's tinkering with a snare drum wherever he may be now and stays in our hearts forever. Rest in peace Scott
Daniel - friend, neighbour, fan

I still can't quite find the words to truely express how much Scott meant. Scott’s funeral wasn’t the “see you soon” I’d ever wished for. Still, I feel proud and privileged to have had him touch my life. I have so many memories that I could write an essay (or a dissertation) but one that sums him up is a night at the Phoenix club in London. After he helped sneak a few of us in to a Longview after show party, we sat chatting for hours. He introduced me to people who could help me get my photography off the ground and also offered to get some of my photos passed to the relevant people. He didn’t need to help me, but he did without expecting a return and without fanfare. At the end of a very long night and after ‘dining’ at the dodgy kebab shop on Charring Cross Road came time to find our way back to our respective hotels. A close friend of mine was staying elsewhere so he flagged down a cab and before waving her off wrote down the registration of the car “just in case”. A small detail with such a huge amount of thought and care behind it. Scott was always so incredibly warm, down to earth, compassionate and generous - he’d always have time for people whether you were a millionaire or down to your last pound coin. I will miss him greatly and carry him in my heart always. How he lived his life is an inspiration to me and many others; be good to people and follow your dreams. Goodnight Scotty, much love x
Sian Eldridge-Marr (former) Photographer and friend

My good friend Scott Johnson was killed when the stage collapsed at a Radiohead concert in Toronto. I met Scott in 1996 when I was on tour. On meeting, I took an instant liking to his cool energy and warm personality. We gave him tickets to the show that night and the rest is history. Whenever we were on tour, Scott would make the effort to hang out. He’d jump in his camper van and drive from Doncaster to Sheffield, Manchester etc. and end up staying at our hotel. That boy could party!!!! Some of the kebab places he took me to were just WRONG!! Back last year, I found a snare I fancied for sale near Scott’s place. He was home for THREE days, having been away from home, touring the world for MONTHS.. He called me a couple of hours later to say he’d collected the snare and would be on the train to Cardiff later that day. The guy would do anything for you. Nothing was ever too much trouble. He was more than happy to give up his time in order to please you. Before Scott took the Radiohead gig, he managed to pop down again for a night to check out the shop and help with pointers. That meant A LOT!! And when I was in Manchester not so long back and Scott was on tour in NYC, he called to let us know where we could get free parking!!! Wherever he was in the world, whatever he was doing, he still made time... This gentleman is respected in the industry like you wouldn’t believe. People only have positive things to say about him. If we all took a leaf out of Scott’s book, the world would surely be a better place. THANK YOU for being my friend Mr Johnson. You will be missed but NEVER forgotten. RIP my brother xx
Brett Sawmy ....drummer, owner of the Drum Depot Cardiff and friend

So sad to hear this tragic news, a truly professional guy in all aspects of life, will be sadly missed, thoughts go out to his parents god bless,
Brin Hughes............. (friend & Drummer)

Scott was one of the first people who I spoke to and instantly got on with when I started in the industry (he patiently talked me through everything and I could call him with any question however crazy as I was often stuck in pickle never having seen a drum kit let alone spec'd one up for one for our top artists!). I without doubt feel that he was the closest friend I had on the live side of the music world. I think it is such a credit to him as a person that I am not the only one to say this. He really was an amazing guy who always had the time even if he didn't have the time and always made an effort. I am gutted that I missed a call from him on Friday and will now always wonder what it was that he wanted - although knowing Scott it would have just been for a chat.
Felicity Blakeman......Artist Relations and Promotions Manager Yamaha Music

I first met Scott when he was about 16 years old in Electro Music. Paul and Scott ran a fantastic drum department to the highest standard, which I use to judge drum shops to this day! Scott was enthusiastic, energetic, always smiling and joking but extremely professional. We both, at different times, attended Brinsworth comprehensive school. He helped me set up my DW kit. We spent an afternoon choosing cymbals and ibuprofen! Scott was an absolute godsend as I scratched my head in bemusement at a new rack system while Scott calmly put it together. I am not sure who was the biggest kid on that day him or me as we unpacked the kit and took turns playing it. He showed me a little double bass drum trick that I still use today. After we had finished we went for a pint in the local pub. Many years later, I was playing at a festival, when a head appeared around a corner that said ‘Eye up Paul’. It was Scott sporting a new haircut. We chatted, laughed, and exchanged tales of the road. I asked him about some drum stuff and before I had finished he had pulled out his laptop and found what I needed! After the gig we were at the bar and after a few beers I said ‘We’ve not done bad have we kid’ He paused and replied ‘Yea, not bad for a couple of Brinny lads’ after this sobering thought we stumbled back to our wonderlands. Scott Johnson top bloke!
Fletch ...drummer(Juicy Lucy)


Dear Friends of Scott

It has been heart-warming to receive the kind wishes from you all and we are sorry that not everyone could be with us on the day. What a beautiful day it was with the aim for friends to say goodbye.

We have had many requests for donations in place of flowers and have set up an account that will be the Scott Johnson Bursary for young musicians.

This will be managed by his friends locally as a fund primarily in Rotherham Schools. It was not our intention to create this nor wish his friends to spend money that none of us can afford in these difficult times. We hoped that it would be modest but already some companies and teachers want to offer products and services that will benefit these musicians.

Maybe someone needs to fix the speakers in the Church too!!

All of the collection at church was donated to us and we have opened an account that we will publish for all to see and stands today with £874.64. Frankly we cannot equate to the financial aspects but if it helps anyone to contribute in this way the account is established to ensure that no other fund is created in error. It will be the only fund at this time. Paul, Matt, Jim and Dave will manage and coordinate but will have input and support from a few of the closest who will be named when I have spoken to them. Time may also effect the ability to be of greater benefit to others. So it will take approximately 7/10 days to open the fund correctly but in the meantime small donations if you feel a need to

NAT WEST Account no 89869834

Branch 541003

Iban GB98NWBK54100389869834


In my name Ken Johnson

until the other account is open I am sure that some of you will feel a greater emotional need and are welcome to talk to us my mail is

We want everyone to lead their lives as he did with a smile.

Thank you all

Ken and Sue


I was at a gig last night in Peterborough when someone I knew told me the news. I am deeply saddened. I have nothing but great memories with Scott. Beers and curry with him and Paul after a Steve white clinic. Going to gigs in his old white estate car, and one night after hitting the town sitting til the early hours talking about drums and cars. I worked with him, drank with him and played drums with him. My thoughts are with his parents. God bless mate. Xx

Chris Gallagher


I was devistated to hear about scotty...I still rememder when i walked into electro for the fist time and spoke to scott he just had it...instant charisma and charm! from thinking I'll just go have a quick look in this music shop to walking out three hours later. Both scott and paul were and still are the reason i never had or ever will have a good reason not to make a round trip of 130 miles to visit the best drum shop in the land. I will always be very greatful for the memories, hours of wonderful conversation, advise, bad jokes and laughs over the years.... I'm so glad you got to follow your dreams...RIP scott... though the others up there may not!...Hit it like you mean it mate!x

Anthony Medd (Drummer)


I would just like to say that Scott was a true gentleman and a professional in his work and a great drummer too. For the two or three years of dealing with Scott at Electro ( a young Scott) I can certainly say it was a pleasure to have this guy on board as my adviser and pointing me in the right direction to better myself with the products I bought. He was always there when ever I needed advise on anything. Top guy and will be sadly missed by many! Thoughts are with you Scott, family, close friends and all fellow drummers who knew of him.

Kevin Blunt(drummer)


We have just been able to distribule 4 more electronic drum kits to drum teacher friends of Scotts thanks to kind donations made via Radioheads website and also from profits from Keane for a EP sale

thats now a total of 20 kits that are being used by keen young drummers now able to practice and enjoy their THANKYOU everyone

6th February 2013

I thought you would like to see the NAMM Tribute posted on the site before the show in Los Angeles:

16th January 2013

Thank you again to all who very kindly donated to Scott’s fund either through the website or at the funeral service.

Im very pleased to inform you that your donations have been put to really good use and with the support from Scott’s friends at Yamaha Music we were able to purchase 9 Yamaha DTX electronic drum kits at a sponsored and heavily discounted cost price.

There are young musicians out there possessing some of Scott’s values and qualities and showing a similar enthusiasm, passion, determination and a desire to fulfill potential and be creative.(Unfortunately some perhaps cannot afford a drum kit and/or have noise issues or the room to set up a kit at home and consequently they cannot practice and improve. (Therefore we thought an electronic kit would work even in a box bedroom and help these budding drummers.

We discussed the idea with several drum tutor friends of Scotts and they have agreements drafted up to loan these drum kits for a period of time with these pupils, so if they stop playing or lose enthusiasm it is returned to be passed onto the next deserving pupil.

We will keep you informed as to how these pupils are progressing,in the meantime feel free to checkout the tutors sites who are on board so far, for more information on their pupils

Ian West      Erroll Rollins    Bobby Arechiga

Bob Wynne     Duane Beaumont

Matthew Dabbs     Steve Kohut    Matthew Delaney     London School ( ref Richard from Keane)

Manchester BBC library       Paul Bonney

As of October 2017 there are 20 kits out there now ......THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN

A very kind and thoughtful donation from one of Scotts friends Katherine LaRochelle enabled the Scott Johnson bursary to buy 3 more electronic kits which Ian West school of drums has been able to circulate to pupils in need of help

Also another of Scotts friends Dave Seville donated a Yamaha DTX500 drum kit which we were able to pass onto Duane Beaumont who teaches in Scotts home town of Rotherham at Beats working school of drums


Sadly over 5 years since this tragic accident and still no justice.

How the Canadian authorities can let this go is simply astounding, they are sending out a shocking message that they condone the actions and are happy for this to happen again to someone elses son , daughter, husband or wife.

Accidents happen and we can not bring Scott back but surely we dont want to ever see this happen again to someones elses family

please see this article in October 2017 MI PRO

On the afternoon of 16th June 2012 in Toronto, Canada, an outdoor stage intended to host a performance by Radiohead collapsed, killing the band’s drum technician Scott Johnson and injuring three others. A subsequent investigation resulted in charges being brought against the concert promotors Live Nation, the staging contractors Optex and an individual staging engineer.

After a lengthy judicial process that has seen many delays, a mistrial verdict and an attempt by the accused parties to have the case dismissed, the simple passage of time would seem to have succeeded where the defence team have failed as, in September 2017, a Canadian court judge ruled that the case exceeded the new eighteen month limit set by the Canadian Supreme Court and ‘stayed’ the charges (which is local legal parlance for throwing out the case).

As news of this decision spread, Scott Johnson’s father called it “totally disgusting… heartbreaking… and just not fair” while Radiohead themselves issued a steely and tight lipped statement calling the judgement “an insult”. Meanwhile, in tour buses and production offices around the world, most personal opinions have been noticeably more venomous. But, although some of this outrage has spilled out onto social media, across the concert industry there seems to be very little in the way of an official response from anyone.
Article continues below

A mistake was made. Let us do the right thing and find out how we can learn from that mistake and make this a safer industry.

Jon Burton, veteran sound engineer

An exception is Andy Lenthall, general manager of the UK’s Production Services Association, who felt strongly enough about the situation to comment that “The feelings of frustration and anger are echoed throughout the production fraternity, with more being shared in private than in public, perhaps due to the grip that Live Nation have on touring and festivals and the fact that people need to earn a living. We feel deeply saddened for Scott’s family and close friends".

Elsewhere, veteran UK sound engineer Jon Burton made some salient points when he remarked that "Without the full story of the Radiohead stage incident being investigated we will not learn from any mistakes and the practices that allowed this situation to occur will not change. I do not believe in accidents. Something in the situation that left a colleague dead was wrong. Whatever that was needs to be investigated. I feel strongly that for these charges to be thrown out, for whatever reason, sends a very poor message to the rest of the industry. The music business is the same as any other business; it has responsibilities for its workers. I think those that are seemingly trying to avoid these proceedings should be ashamed. A mistake was made. Let us do the right thing and find out how we can learn from that mistake and make this a safer industry."

Notwithstanding the fact that the Ontario Ministry of Labour did conduct an investigation and obviously found evidence strong enough to warrant initiating a prosecution, Jon Burton is correct- without a full examination of the facts in open court and any legal consequences brought to bear, no-one is going to be able to move on from this incident. Scott Johnson is still dead, others present on that day remain traumatised, suspicion and resentment will still be held toward the organisers of the event, no improvements to safety precautions or procedures will be identified and implemented and the opportunity to clear people of blame as well as assign responsibility has been missed.

One of the most abhorrent aspects of this situation is the cold hearted way that the Canadian legal system has let down Scott Johnson and his family, friends and colleagues. Not once but twice. The original trial was abandoned after fourteen months of proceedings, although not for any reason relating to the evidence or the defence or prosecution cases, but due to the presiding judge receiving a promotion. Incredibly, and cruelly, an internal appointment within the court system had derailed the whole process and a mistrial was declared. Good news and congratulations all round for the lucky judge, it would seem, but tough luck and back to square one for everyone else. If that was not offensive enough, the eighteen month time limit (only introduced in 2016) was then applied retrospectively when the case went to retrial, even though the Canadian government's own investigation took a year before bringing charges and the abandonment of the previous trial was caused by the court's own actions. There can surely be no moral justification for this latest decision, it is based simply on a poor piece of legislation, applied to this complex case unfairly, and it reflects very poorly on the integrity of the Canadian legal system.

So, five years and three months after that terrible day, there is still no justice for Scott Johnson and very little respect for many of the parties and institutions connected with the case. The Canadian judicial system looks pathetic and ineffectual (and checking out the comment sections of various major Canadian newspaper websites confirms considerable fury at the fact that many other serious legal cases are falling through the eighteen month loophole). A system that imposes time limits on cases while tolerating spurious delays in its proceedings deserves no honour, because Scott's death and the circumstances surrounding it would seem to have been deemed as nothing more than a legal inconvenience. 

Live Nation earn the enmity of a large part of the concert industry workforce, because for many observers it is hard to ignore the widespread allegation that they have played the system to a point where the case has timed out, in order to avoid some extremely serious charges. In its 2013 statement Live Nation describe Scott’s death as ‘unfortunate’. In the wider world 'unfortunate' means running out of milk in the morning or falling on the stairs and chipping a tooth. This man’s death is not unfortunate, it is tragic and horrific and some genuine remorse and an acknowledgement of the issues and concerns that the case raised would be appropriate under the circumstances.

It is a shame that the business isn’t prepared to stick up for an injustice done to one of its own.

Adi Vines, guitar technician

Finally, where is the protest from the live music industry itself? As mentioned above, opinions are being shared informally throughout the touring community but all the institutions that claim to have a stake in the concert business and should therefore have pressing concerns are silent. Take, for example, the Event Safety Alliance. This is an American organisation that was set up in reaction to a series of stage collapses in the US a few years ago, which specifically states in its publicity material that it wishes to introduce a system for live event structures based on the stringent UK Health & Safety guidelines. The circumstances of the Toronto stage collapse therefore come firmly within their remit, but I cannot find any statement or mention of the incident on the ESA website and my direct request for comment has not been answered. 

Similarly the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (or simply IATSE) one of the biggest union organisations representing stagehands and local crew members in the US and Canada have made no mention of the incident on any of their news pages or social media. It must be pointed out that no IATSE crew were working the Radiohead event but I would have expected them to have concerns about any unsafe practices within the industry as a whole. IATSE are not usually shy about expressing their views on issues which may affect their members, so the lack of comment on this occasion is puzzling.

The UK based BECTU union has also not replied to my request for comment, neither have the editors of two notable trade magazines dedicated to the live event industry. I have also contacted a number of large UK audio hire companies, none of whom are prepared to talk about the issue on the record while a few colleagues in senior production roles have spoken out but have asked not to be named- which is not a great deal of practical use, grateful though I am that they have responded.


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